Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it takes for orders to ship?

3-5 days discounting processing times. Delivery times increase when shipping internationally. This store is run by a single person with limited help from well meaning friends. I am grateful for your patience.

Currently, orders with art prints take longer to ship as they require rigid mailers and preparation. 

What is a Standard/A Grade Pin? A Seconds/B Grade?

All my pins are graded personally by myself or my partners when their schedule permits it. I grade them once during arrival and again when packaging them and finally before shipping them to ensure no one ordering a Standard Grade gets a Seconds Grade. 

All enamel pins are handmade, so they cannot be perfect but rather some higher quality than others.

A Grades

  • Small scratches on metal/enamel
  • Slight bubbles or stains
  • Underfilled enamel
  • Imperfections in glitter distribution

B Grades

  • Noticeable flaws
  • Large areas of tarnished metal
  • Missing enamel fill
  • Heavy rust stains
  • Bent posts
  • Wrong colors
  • Wrong glitter content
  • Sold at a discount